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28 November 2018

Where to Invest in 2019 — Here’s What You Need to Know

Risk-taking and a lot of observation must be put in place. Shifts, turns and resurrections are expected to come.

Emerging markets will close a rough uphill way in 2018, but there are still some positive aspects, one of them is a massive sale of currencies in developing countries, where fiscal deficits are expected to diminish, as David Hauner an expert from Bank of America Merrill Lynch argues, Argentina's deficit will be reduced 2 percent next year from 6 percent this year, same with Turkey, to drop to 2 percent from 4 percent this year. Efforts that want to stimulate foreign investments.

Many venture capitalists departed from emerging markets throughout 2018 as they invested in US assets. While scandalous financial problems in Turkey and Argentina were intensifying, they preferred to hold steps within American soil and sell countless low-performing holdings.

2019 is going to have a lot in common with 2012, both years signified a slow growth for all the economies in the world. But let’s remember, at that time equities rose 15 percent surpassing the moderate expectations of the S&P 500 index, and other currencies went up by 5.5 percent against the powerful dollar. Optimistic results for the coming period.

Morgan Stanley rather have stocks in emerging markets because it is predicting stable growth in those economies by 2019, instead of a decelerated stateside expansion. Such nations are: Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Poland, Peru, the Philippines, Colombia, Greece, United Arab Emirates and a discreet Mexico. These markets will provide higher returns in stocks, but there is no doubt about the potential risks that could challenge global growth, mostly in China and Europe, regions that are highly-predictable.

On the other hand, Goldman Sachs is monitoring how many currencies will appreciate thanks to financial and fiscal stimulus in contrast with a weaker US dollar by 2019. That is why they expect a modest recovery in dozens of emerging nations; and if that happens, their stocks will rise 12 percent, an enormous bet that cannot be ignored.

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