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18 November 2018

3D Printing Chinese Innovators Attract European Investors—Know More

An industry that grows increasingly fast every year, encapsulating some of the biggest startups of the future.

Since 1981, 3D printing has faced serious challenges, at that time, Hideo Kodama from the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute, wanted to merge several additive methods in order to fabricate three-dimensional models made out of plastic. He didn’t realize that the process would be some kind of a big bang for many things to come in this extremely young tech sector.

3D printing consists in various procedures where materials are collided and solidified with the help of a computer, just to create three-dimensional objects. Innovation that is being used in furniture, footwear and rapid prototyping to name a few industrial fields.

Just last week, Germany’s BASF Venture Capital, firm focused on investments in software, business models within the digital world and chemical products, has announced a $10.7 million USD investment in 3D printer Chinese disruptors Prismlab, all around a Series B funding that is expected to accelerate its product development like never before.

Prismlab is famous for its patented creation called Pixel Resolution Enhanced Technology, an approach that provides a speed and precision like no other competitor in the market, while also keeping printing costs as low as possible. In a new Chinese landscape filled with more innovation and less manufacture, Prismlab executive Zheng Daqing believes that these advancements will be pretty useful in areas like medicine, education, training and other customer applications.

“BASF Venture Capital plays an important role in helping us identify potential partners that lead us to success.” Said Mr. Daqing to the press.

The gap is now closing, in 2013 Samantha Snabes and Matthew Fiedler created the first affordable 3D printer called “Gigabot”, and futurists like Ray Kurzweil strongly believe that 3D printing will be one of the greatests achievements of the near future, as it would be astoundingly present in our everyday life. Is this the path that the scientists at Prismlab want to follow? We will keep both eyes open and see what happens next.

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