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13 August 2018

Innovations in the HR Landscape are Endless—These are the Leaders

Europe seems to be the epicentre of a technological revolution that has assured more than €10 million in seed funding.

Everyone has the same dream, to build a successful company that can provide a strong performance within one or several industries. To achieve that, a business must reunite different factors and points. One of them is competitiveness, and it does not end in just working very hard by following a goal/target, is so much more. This is what the dictionary tells us about it:


  1. Possession of a strong desire to be more successful than others.
  2. The quality of being as good as or better than others of a comparable nature.

The human resource management field or commonly known as HR, is one of the many strategic paths that help companies across the world to have a competitive lead among other players in the same market. New technologies that are re-shaping the map of the HR endeavours are coming to stay for a long time, different startups in Europe are now testing and investing in these new possibilities in order to enhance and boost the overall performance of businesses regardless of their size, impact or influence.

These are 3 companies that are disrupting the HR scene

  • Zapiens: Platform that uses a Q&A approach in their collective intelligence method, their goal is to improve the present technologies of knowledge management so teams can be more cohesive and competitive. By winning the Sacyr Innovation Awards in 2017 the company is getting lots of attention.
  • MeetFrank: Through their app, anonymous recruiting gets a radical update for human resources specialists, just by taking notes of what the user needs, then makes a match with job advertisements that can meet the candidate’s abilities. With more than 100K users in Northern Europe, many firms expressed their intentions to invest in this startup.
  • Productive Mobile: Works by automating and simplifying tedious manual tasks that can reduce human productivity in the long term. With efficient implementation and lower costs, this software can be routed to any information technology device a business can have, running functions in the background. Its commercial appeal has attracted more than €10 billion so far.

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