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1 July 2018

Adyen IPO Has Been The Biggest in Europe This Year— Here’s What Happened

Calling this new giant a “startup” falls a little short. More than 10 years have passed and the founders do not want to stop the escalator.

Adyen is an international company that works as a payment service provider, allowing businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile and point-of-sale purchases. Founded in 2006, its headquarters are situated in Amsterdam, now it has more than 20 locations worldwide and 800 employees on board.

Listed in the Euronext stock exchange as “ADYEN”, the company announced its ambitions to go public at the start of the year. Then, in June 13 shares took an impressive jump of 67 percent, ending with a price of €462.50.

Fact: Adyen name means “start over again” in Surinamese language.

Summarized, the initial public offering (IPO) of Adyen raised €1.1 billion with a total valuation of $16B. Analyzing the numbers of the past year, Adyen generated a revenue of €218 million that represented an increase of 38 percent compared with 2016 , making its profitability a strong reality that many investors can’t deny.

What Differentiates Adyen From Competitors

  • A solid revenue growth of 54 percent in the last quarter.
  • The customer base is really impressive, with names like: Uber, Spotify and Microsoft to name a few. Also it is imperative to notice the company’s incursion in Asia.
  • Adyen has a banking license in Europe, something that PayPal, Venmo and other rivals do not have.
  • The possibility that eBay partners with Adyen for future payments, as it once did with PayPal until 2015.

Co-founders Arnout Schuijff and Pieter Van Der Does (actual CEO), both sold more than $72 million worth in stocks, leaving them with a 11.2 percent stake in the company, these are valued at $1.5 billion; making both of them billionaires thanks to the biggest initial public offering (IPO) of a tech startup in Europe this year.

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