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5 June 2018

HP Stocks Are Going Up With a Pace That Doesn’t Seem To Stop Now — Here’s Why

New roads lead to different places, sometimes bad, but for HP, things are getting pretty great.

To start, we have to remind ourselves that HP and the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company are two separate endeavours ​since November 1, 2015​. While the first mentioned retained all business related to personal computers and printing machines (also a consolidated stock price history), the second one (HPEC)is focused in financial services, networks, servers, storage, consulting and support.

Every year, the fiscal earnings of each quarter are released to the public. In this particular case, ​HP is having a second quarter that belongs to the history books​, with a sustained growth that encompasses six straight quarters. For investors, this is an unforgettable feat because of the various declines since the start of the decade.

These are the notable numbers:

  • $13.57 billion of revenue in Q2.
  • 48 cents per share rise.
  • Earnings expected to increase 20% annually.
  • Profits with a surge of 26% in 2018.
  • A year ago, the company earned 40 cents per share with $12.38 billion in revenue.

This incredible feat has various protagonists, with one in particular who has caught all the attention from the press. We are talking about the president and CEO Dion Weisler. The celebrated decision to reinvest and completely bet on the printer market ​has brought some serious gains​, allowing HP to buy back shares and expand its capabilities to margins that exceeded expectations.

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