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29 May 2018

Chase Has Unveiled A New Credit Card That Entrepreneurs Won’t Ignore

The famous bank wants to say “hello” to a new world where freelancing is very common, today’s youth is the proof.

Small business owners and individuals with freelancing gigs are celebrating the new service by Chase Bank, the new Ink Business Unlimited. A credit card that is promising a big advantage in cash back offerings and no annual fee, while gets added to the Ink Business Line with other popular cards like the Sapphire Reserve Card.

These are the solid benefits you can get:

  • With every individual purchase you get a 1.5% return, redeemable with a check, gift cards and statement credits.
  • All ultimate reward (UR) points can be combined with any points coming from other cards like the Sapphire Preferred.
  • If you spend $3000 in the first three months you can get a bonus of $500 (that are 50000 UR points).
  • 5% or $5 in every transfer, depending on the amount.
  • Did we mention that there’s no annual fee?

When we talk about credit cards, it all comes down to: The value you can get, avoiding interest by paying the balance each month, and using it for needs and not wants.

Using the Ink Business Unlimited as a budgeting tool, you’ll be capable of monitorize all the expenses you’ve made at the end of the month, and also get incredible incentives as retail points and travel miles. Remember to stay under the 30% of your total limit in order to avoid spending habits that can lead to problematic outcomes.

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