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17 April 2018

Europe’s Best Performing Economies

Even though there always seems to be an economic crisis in Europe, many of its 48 countries have strong economies. They have no worry in the world when it comes to the shortage that pretty much all European and Western newspapers report at least once a year.

In the following, we’ll introduce you to the 5 countries that have the strongest economies as of 2018. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be immigrating after reading this. We couldn’t blame you…

Top 5 Strongest European Economies

1. Germany

Germany is by far the European leader when it comes to an unshakable economy (the main reason why plenty of people from all over Europe move there permanently). Germany’s GDP at the moment is over $3.75 trillion, for a population of about 80.6 million.

How did it become such a huge economic power considering that it was leveled during WWII? Well, many factors contributed to that: an almost nonexistent crime rate, infallible employment rate, and enhanced infrastructure, among others.

2. France

France is following right in the footsteps of Germany, with a GDP over $2.81 trillion and a population of more than 64.90 million people employed in the manufacturing, energy and chemical industries.

Go pick up a newspaper and you’ll discover that many think that the economy of France is bad. In the bigger picture, however, it’s anything but a poor-performing one. Don’t believe everything you see on the news.

3. The UK

The UK has a population of over 65 million people and a GDP of more than $2.70 trillion. The main reason why the economy in the UK is booming is that it has pretty much all the industries and sectors one can think of, from the production of gas and oil and manufacturing to construction, mining, and agriculture.

It certainly pays off to be eclectic, doesn’t it? Some say that the economy of France is actually worse than the United Kingdom’s, but everything points out that the reality is altogether different.

Sure, if we take into account the Brexit, then yes, the UK’s economy might plummet in a few years. Now, though, it’s still strong.

4. Italy

It’s no laughing matter, but anyway: Italy’s main income comes from its wine. Agriculture, fashion, and the automotive industry also play a huge role in its economy. Italy has a population of over 59.78 million people and a GDP of over $2.05 trillion. Not bad at all.

5. Russia

Russia is huge, but the fact that most of it is uninhabited due to the weather conditions takes its toll on the economy. It has a population of a whopping 144 million people, but a GDP of just $1.61 trillion, of which most income comes from natural resources.


As you can see, Europe is doing well when it comes to the economy. Sure, it has its fair share of kicks once in a while, but it always gets back on the right track. At the moment, Germany has the largest and strongest economy and all signs point out that it’s going to stay that way for a couple of years.